JUNE 2017


Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. From the attendees and participants that were there: the review of OBC 2017. We asked for your reviews and we got more than a file cabinet full. I am also sure the OBC coordination team would read this feature….at least I am positive they did last year. We went about publishing these with several factors in mind:

  • We wouldn’t print anyone’s name…. I didn’t want to get all the signed permissions from everyone.

  • We piled the submissions together per event.

  • We used the best submissions from each event that required the least amount of spell checking and writing to make readable.

  • Good or Bad wouldn’t matter, we have “no dog in this hunt”.

From the Editor:

Overall Kustomized Bicycle Magazine had a great time at OBC 2017. We had some problems with the Golden Nugget and probably won’t be booking rooms with them in the future. The OBC crew was on top of everything, made sure that notifications of any changes were getting out to everyone and made sure the schedule was kept. We know it is tons of hard work and we appreciate everything they do. Thank you OBC TEAM. You put on the best bike event in the country and it was AWESOME.  

Wednesday April 19th

Early Bird Party @ Evel Pie

Early Bird Ride (Saints through Fire)

The ride/party started off at Evel Pie, a pizza parlor/ bar/ shrine to Evel Knievel.  It was great to see familiar faces again, and on a side note, I spent a fair amount of time handing out prints from last year’s OBC to everyone.  Then it was off to the ride.  We traveled through the Arts District to the first stop, Hop Nuts Brewing, a local brewery.  Our second stop was to the Container Park.  Then it was back to the Nugget for a good nights rest.  While there was only two stops and the distance was only a few miles, it was a nice easing into the OBC.  This ride went really well, the route was on less traveled parts of Vegas and going to remote places only locals go to made it a nice ride.  -SB

Thursday April 20th

Wake and Bake Ride (Rigid)

Thursday was April 20th, so there were three 420 inspired rides for the day.  I was only able to make one of them, the Wake Bake Ride.  More travelling through the Arts District, and our first stop was Huntridge Tavern, a local dive bar in the same complex as a liquor store and pharmacy.  The next stop was Dino’s lounge, which I admit I could only ride by as I needed to return to the Nugget to pick up another bike.  This route was fun because it took us through some residential areas as well.  Again, the route kept us off busy streets and took us to some local hangouts, which made for a good ride.  -SB

Early Bird Party (Red Bar)

After a long drive into town, we were happy to make it to the Early Bird Party at the Red Bar. The venue was nice, close to the Golden Nugget and very easy to find. There was ample parking either inside or out for those that rode to the party rather than simply walking a couple blocks. The drinks were descent for low to mid shelf and priced as such.  The party lasted long enough that we could drop in and say hello to everyone, go grab a quick bite to eat then hit the party again to get some refreshments before the next ride. It was great to see all my friends that I haven’t seen or ridden with for a year.  -AM

Early Bird Ride (Outsiders)

Very short ride but the parking lot was large and allowed everyone to pack in. The barbeque place was really good and nicely priced. I wish I could remember the name of it.  -SM

My crew was so pumped to hit Las Vegas in force for the Thursday night ride. We spent the day going over our bikes getting things all lubed and cleaned up. We ended up riding six blocks then sitting in a parking lot for two hours. Who plans these rides? If half of the people have already left by the time you call that it is time to ride you are already way too late. We ended up ditching out and heading to the Stratosphere because we could see the Golden Nugget sign from there just so we could put on some miles.   -RJ

I see why they took the “Tonight We Ride” motto away. Maybe “Tonight We Stand Around” would be better.   -CG

This ride only had one stop as well, started to our one and only stop was Ricks Bar, a bar that is owned and sometimes operated by the cast of Pawn Stars fame.  Have you ever been on a ride and your group overloads the bar because so many show up at once?  Well imagine that times 10.  Parking was blocked off for us, but with only two bartenders trying to serve 500+ people, I ended up going elsewhere for a drink.  The ride went well, and it was great to have a space reserved for us to park, but it became overloaded given the number of people.  -SB

Friday April 21st

As Seen on TV Ride (Artistic Cruisers)

We love this ride every year. Though it would have been nice to go somewhere different, the ride length and amount of people made it the best ride of the weekend. I’m not sure who’s idea it was to try to pack 600 bicycles and people in an alley where they could stand for a half hour but it wasn’t a great one. -HG

Started the day with a classic OBC ride, the As Seen on TV Ride.  There was one hiccup in the event, as someone’s battery charger started a small fire in the hotel, which shut down the elevators for 30 minutes, and resulting logistical logjam.  As a result, the folks already at the launch pad left in one wave, while some stayed behind to lead the second wave.  First stop was Welder Up.  From there, we went to Kounts Customs.  As we rolled in, we were told that they were filming an episode because of OBC.  However, the friends I rode with had a greater desire to grab lunch than be on TV, so we broke off from the group and headed to In-N-Out for lunch.  As luck would have it, on our return from lunch we ran into the group again and rode with them to Golden Skull Tattoo.  After Golden Skull, we rode back to the hotel.  This is a fun ride that winds through more of the industrial parts of Vegas.  Traffic was not an issue, and my choice to break off for lunch was really a personal and logistical preference.   -SB

It was great that the OBC crew had people inside the hotel sending information to the launch pad about the elevators. Then they even had someone waiting for us when we finally made it outside. Thanks a lot. Me and my GF didn’t want to miss this ride.  -CJ

Opening Party BBB’s

We love the opening party, everyone was a little late in getting there this year. When we walked in the place was empty and we were well after the advertised start time. We like the bar and had a lot of fun. The band was great and it ended just in time for us to grab our bikes from out room and get to the ride start location.  -DK

Titty Titty Bang Bang Ride (Chopaderos)

Best ride of the weekend? Yup. What a blast. Can’t wait until next year.  -RJ

Great ride but it was too short. Las Vegas never closes; we could have gone all night.   -MR

Saturday April 22nd

Sign Ride (Smash Brothers)

We did the Sign Ride again this year. It was a lot more fun than last year. Not that the ride has changed but it wasn’t nearly as hot and windy. Everyone was really nice when we got the sign an took turns for pictures. It was also a great chance to meet new people and look at some of the great bicycles. The ride back to the hotel is so much fun. I know some people took a different but riding down the casino road was really fun. Next year we need to have a Go-Pro mounted to a bike so we can remember that ride forever.  -MM

The Sign ride is a perennial favorite, and Show Me a Sign Ride.  I’ll admit one of the big draws for me was the opportunity to ride down the Las Vegas Strip on a bicycle with 800+ of my closest friends.  It was going south on Main where we ran into the Segwayosaurus, or the hook for this article.  This year the ride was very nice, no wind, a partial police escort, and warm weather.  Once we arrived at the sign, we all took the obligatory pictures as a souvenir proving we made it there, and then my friends and I headed back.  As there were only three in the return party, we thought it best to take some less traveled side streets for the return home.  However, we still had to take the strip part of the way back (and later learned there is a better crossover point than Circus Circus).  On the return trip, we stopped at an antique shop looking for some unique souvenirs and directions to the Cornish Pasty Company on a recommendation from Jimmy Peak (which we couldn’t remember the name, only that they had pasties and scotch eggs on the menu).  As luck would have it, the restaurant was right around the corner, so we reflected on the day’s events while enjoying a unique delicacy before returning.  While you would think just riding in a straight line would be boring, it’s the location that made it interesting.  This was the strip, so traffic was an issue, but given that there are 800 of us, we had an entire lane to ourselves.  This is one of my favorite rides, as its a great ride for pictures, you capture the event, the setting is obvious, and you tell a few stories about it for years. -SB

This is the best ride year after year. We should try to stay in a larger group coming back though. We wanted to stay off the main roads and ended up lost. -GK

Pool Party (Golden Nugget)

I love the pool party. Good times with all our friends. This is a highlight of the whole weekend.   -AK

Streets Run Red Ride (Hammer & Cycle)

Last year this ride was the highlight of the weekend. This year the ride was really short and the first stop ended up in an alley behind a tiny bar. We ended up having to lock our bikes up a block away then walking in. There was a band playing, sorry but I can’t remember the name, they were pretty good. We waited in line forever to get something to drink. Note for the future: pack your drinks on you for a ride. It will just make it easier. The second stop was a decrepit grocery store parking lot less than a mile away. Who comes to Las Vegas to hang out in an old grocery store parking lot? I think because the ride leaders are locals they don’t think of what the tourists would prefer to do. Half way through the ride the girls and I were talking about putting our bikes away and going sightseeing. We really should have since the last stop was within a block of the first stop. -GK

Hammer and cycle ride. the bars and the band was awesome then well I don't remember much else.  -DM

One of the more popular rides was the Streets Run Red Ride, hosted by Hammer and Cycle.  The first stop was ReBar, an antiques shop that had a bar in it (or was it the other way around).  They had a band playing out back, was able to chat with some more friends and check some other cool builds.  The next stop was a return to Huntridge Tavern.  We watched a patching in of a new Hammer and Cycle member, and I caught up with my old bike mechanic from Denver that moved to Vegas last year.  Another highlight was a chance to catch up Mr. Eric Yamasaki, OBC’s official photographer for OBC 2016, and a great guy all around.  Hard working, and supportive of other artists, he’s an asset to documenting rides.  Our final stop on the ride was the Cornish Pasty Company.  I can see why the night rides can be more popular than the day rides, as the weather is nicer (especially if one is wearing a patch vest), and everyone has recovered from the night before.  A great route again as traffic was not an issue. -SB

At Your Own Risk Ride (Rigid)

At your own risk ride. If u were there, you know why.  -AH

Sunday April 23rd

Bike Show BBBs

This year’s bike show had a lot going against it thanks to Mother Nature. The OBC crew did a phenomenal job and had to take steps to keep the event running. The venue has plenty of space and there were plenty of people there. It’s great that the bar is open during the day because it gets really hot out on the asphalt. I don’t think I have been to a show who’s reward ceremony has taken that long and I have been to the Grand National Roadster Show.  -MH

Into the Sunset Ride (VooDoo)

Albeit the last ride, and yet I met most of them for the first time. The rooftop party with the girl trying to get a "peeing for distance" competition started had us all in stitches. Great Time!!  -MD

This is the one ride I was looking forward to from last year.  As was last year, the ride involved traversing the strip, only this time at night.  One thing that changed was we went down to the strip on Las Vegas Blvd, as opposed to taking Paradise Rd.  We stopped at the Circus Circus marquee and then Ellis Island Casino to watch the sunset.  The next stop was bicycle drag races, but due to flight schedules of my friends in the group we had to skip that part of the ride.  We spoke with Nick and he told us the back roads to take that would keep us out of traffic, which was Koval Ln to Sands Ave, to Mel Torme Way, to Sammy Davis Jr Dr which turns into Industrial Road to Wyoming Ave to Main St.  While a shame to leave the ride early, the small group, lack of traffic, and nice weather all made for an excellent ride back home for the night.  It was a great ride, the ride down the strip was excellent, traffic not an issue due to our numbers, and a less traveled return path made it yet another favorite ride for me. -SB




May 2017

OBC 2017 has come and gone. Kustomized Bicycle Magazine was on the scene and will be bringing you a full feature on the greatest bike weekend in America. It was a great weekend and we were happy to have sponsored such an excellent event. Below are a few pictures to give everyone a taste of what went on.



March 2017

That’s right ladies and gents. The one party everyone looks forward to is coming next month. On April 19-24, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, OBC will be starting up in all of its custom bicycle greatness. Like past years, the Golden Nugget Hotel will be the base of operations. This is the largest gathering of custom bicycle enthusiasts, builders and bike clubs in North America coming together to celebrate the bare foot pedal, polished rim and bike party life.

 It's daily and nightly rides, pool party, opening party, concert and HUGE bike show.  It's where the OBC Facebook page comes to life. It's where that chic who made that frame meets the guy who makes those bars, who meets that crazy dude who rode his bike all the way from LA to Las Vegas.  It's customs, cruisers, classics, lowriders and anything with pedals.

 It's skinned knuckles, live music, good drink, ire times and where life long memories are made.

If you want to ride pretty much continuously for 4 days, just hang out with like minded people, go to live concerts or bike shows than this is the place to be in April.

Be sure to stop by at the Kustomized Bicycle Magazine booth at the Bike Show and say hi.