July 2017

Ruff Cycles has teamed up with Boxkars Shifter and will being selling the top of the line shifter immediately. This should do well for both companies since Boxkars is known as the highest quality shifter on the market and Ruff Cycles will be using their clout and distributors to make it available to the masses. Boxkars Shifters has been around for over a decade now and are known for their innovation, quality and performance. The Ruff website already has them listed for sale. It doesn’t look like they have all of the models and accessories that Boxkars has listed on their site but nothing says you can’t pick up a shifter and accessorize it in the future.

Check them out on Ruff Cycles website at www.ruff-cycles.com




May 2017

Peek Cycles opens online

Peek Cycles has taken the big step with the release and opening of their own website. On May 2, 2017 www.PeekCycles.com was open for business. This will make purchasing items from Peek Cycles much easier for the consumer and is surly going to make Peek Cycles ramp up their production. The site has six different frame models, thirty of their famous handlebar selections, some accessories and their whole line of swag for sale with the simplicity of hitting a purchasing button where it will take you directly to your PayPal account. No more getting ahold of Peek Cycles through emails and Facebook messages makes transactions as easy as they can be. Peek Cycles will still be doing one-offs for people wanting that special part but if you are looking for a set of Peek Bars then this is the easiest way to get them into your dirty little fingers.



Bicycle Company Disguises Their Shipments As Flat Screen TVs To Avoid Shipping Damage

It must be really frustrating to ship a product which the delivery companies see as unbreakable because they stop handling your package with care and therefore make you look bad to your customers.

So in order to make sure their shipments arrived unmarred the VanMoof cycling company of Amsterdam created a decoy box that makes the shipping companies think there's a flat screen TV inside.


Here's VanMoof Creative Director Bex Rad on his decoy box:

Since we started shipping bikes eight years ago, here at VanMoof we’ve struggled to find shipping partners that give our bikes the same obsessive love and care that we do.
Trust us, we’ve tried them all. …Earlier this year our co-founder Ties had a flash of genius. Our boxes are about the same size as a (really really reaaaally massive) flatscreen television. Flatscreen televisions always arrive in perfect condition. What if we just printed a flatscreen television on the side of our boxes? And just like that, shipping damage to our bikes dropped by 70–80%.

-Via Laughing Squid




April 2017

tour de fat is taking a non-bicycle direction?

After 19 years of spreading the joy of bikes and beer, New Belgium is changing their Tour De Fat event. For 2017 they are greatly expanding their event schedule from nine to thirty-three cities, which is a great update. The “not so great” update is that they are getting rid of the bike parade in all but three locations and will now be charging an entry fee to the event.

The reasoning behind the changes?  The New Belgium spokesman Bryan Simpson says “We’re still about advocacy and philanthropy and we’re still a celebration of the bike and beer but this was our best model going forward to keep it sustainable.”

The events will have live music as always, but now they will have “nationally known” bands as headliners. With this, the addition of an entry cost is most likely to cover the band costs as well as other overhead items. There was no word at the time of the release whether beer tokens will be handed out as part of the entry fee or will need to be purchased on top of the ticket price. 

After some research, we found that tickets to the Denver event will need to be purchased through Eventbrite and cost $25.00. The event is also moving from the open space of City Park in downtown Denver to the National Western Stock Show Complex. Going from a sunny lush grass and tree filled area to an enclosed concrete warehouse will be quite the change. 

The move to a music focused event has cyclists posting their outrage all over social media. When KBM checked just hours after the news was released to Facebook, over 70% of the replies to the post were negative.

Will taking the bike out of the Tour be detrimental to the event?