July 2017

Micargi Electric Cyclone GT

It looks like Micargi is steeping into the electric bike fight with the new Cyclone GT. The makers of just about every bike style anyone could ever want has put together a stretched cruiser kit featuring a Bafang 500 watt motor ran by a Panasonic 48 volt 11.6 amp hour battery.

The bicycle will feature their stretched cruiser look with the standard Micargi parts package. It will come in white as well as matte black. The frame and fork legs are made of hi-ten steel. The bicycle will have a disc brake and a 44 tooth one piece front drive line and a 22 tooth on a freewheel hub.

At this time, there is no information on charging times, distance per charge or top speed. It should be interesting to see if Micargi can bring the power to the electric bicycle market up against all the custom-built machines and Ruff Cycles Ruffian.




The Firebikes shop has been hard at work knocking out custom frames for years. Did you know they have also had a long line of custom parts and accessories as well?

We have heard rumors for a little while and finally got the message that Firebikes now has their crank set available for purchase. You can purchase a set in either 155mm or 170mm arm lengths and they come with the spindle. Made from beautifully machined steel with lightening holes are sure to give any bike that custom go-fast look.  Purchase price is $199.99 a set and will come to your door ready for paint or powder.

Go to www.firebikes.com to order and be sure to tell them that you heard about them from Kustomized Bicycle Magazine.




JUNE 2017

Michigan Built Stainless Tie Down Hooks

Have you ever had to tie down your bike in the back of your truck and found that you had scratched the paint job with hooks and straps? Does the truck bed look like a jungle gym wrapping a few bikes after you are done trying to tie them all down? What about the ugly crease mark in your custom seat because there was a strap ran across it then tightened that you can only hope will go away?

Tim Sanders at Michigan Built has your answer. Bolt-On tie downs for your bike to make easy hooking points and to add a little bling to your bike. These bolt-on tie downs are made from Stainless steel so they can be polished out and never rust.

They were initially designed to bolt in the place of washers under your axle nuts for a quick and effective tie down. After some testing here at Kustomized Bicycle Magazine, we have found that these bolt-on tie downs make great hooking points. Other locations are to put them on both sides of your seat post clamp bolt and even under the gooseneck. Literally, there are hundreds of uses for these bolt-on tie downs and we will be doing a review in the near future.

 For more information, contact Michigan Built at https://www.facebook.com/Michigan-Built


King Zebba's Headlight Brackets

Looking for the coolest headlight brackets for that square tube fork? If you have 1 1/4" legs then King Zebba's Custom Cruisers has the perfect items for you.  For the tiny price of $40.00 this set can be yours. They come as shown with all the hardware included. Since everything is stainless there is no need to worry about the rust attack.


You can purchase a set by contacting King Zebba's at https://www.facebook.com/KingZebbaCustomCruisers/






MAY 2017

King Zebba's THE BULLY

King Zebba Custom Cruisers is at it again. It seems like they are releasing new items monthly and all of them are amazing.  This month they are introducing "The Bully" King Zebba Custom Cruisers newest frame. If you have seen the work coming from their shop you know that workmanship is top of the line and the company stand by their work 100%. Being a small shop we think these frames will be on backorder on day one so get ahold of King Zebbas as soon as you can to get this beautiful piece into your stable.


Frame will be $600

Can fit up to a 130mm rim
100mm American bottom bracket
170mm rear dropout spacing.
Will start taking orders May 1st. Thanks for your interest!!



APRIL 2017


Its 1986, Cru Jones back flips the bowl at Helltrack with the every lovely Lori Loughlin waiting in the stands. RAD is the movie for bike riders that Thrashin’ is for skaters. We have all watched it on the screen and now you can support Helltrack on your body.

Fright Rags now has a Helltrack ’86 t-shirt available for purchase. They have two different shirt types: 4.3 oz. tri-blend and 4.5 oz. 100% pre-shrunk ring spun cotton, sized from SM to 3X (to 5X in cotton) and in both guys and girls models. 

With artwork by Kyle Crawford, this t-shirt takes you back to race day. The color, background and font style all scream March 21st, 1986.

Head to www.fright-rags.com and search “helltrack” with the site’s search feature. Show your support for our favorite bicycle movie and the best race that never happened and let Fright Rags know you heard it from Kustomized Bicycle Magazine.



Last month we helped announce that King Zebba Custom Cruisers was putting headlight brackets for square tube forks to market. This month they are introducing the fork….are they ever going to stop? Master Builder Danny Hazelwood once again hits the mark. Fabricated with 30” X 1 ¼” diamond tube legs, 6061 Aluminum trees these are sure to hit the spot with your custom bicycle tastes. They also incorporated ¼” dropouts with a disk brake tab. You can purchase these great looking assemblies in three width options to fit any wheel / tire combo you are running (100mm, 135mm, and 150mm). They come with stainless hardware and are ready for finish.

Contact King Zebba Custom Cruisers at www.facebook.com/KingZebbaCustomCruisers.



Schwinn is bringing back the Lemon Peeler for 2017. If you are wanting to get your muscle bike on but don’t want to hunt down the parts for the next couple of years or spend a year’s college tuition to get a rider than this may be your chance.

The new “Lemon Peeler” has all the same cool parts that the originals did. The suspension banana seat, springer fork, 16” front wheel, chrome fenders, 16” ape hangers and the decals are all there. Schwinn even brought back the 20” Slik back tire. The only huge difference is the single speed coaster brake.

The only problem is…..They are only making 500 of these (all numbered for you collectors) and they are only available on Amazon. The first batch are already gone having sold out in less than 24 hours but we have word that the next batch will be available in late April (possibly the 24th hint, hint, hint). So mark your calendar or set a reminder on your phone.